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A Defendable, professional and responsive provider of premium flooring for the high-end construction and
renovation market.The top-of-mind specialist for the high-end construction and renovation market.

Dream Floor  (10 Years Warranty) Made In China-  Price Php 899.00/sq.m.

Eisen Floor-Multi Click with Wax (10 years Warranty) Made in China - Price: Php 593.00/sq.m.

Eisenwald Solid Wood Grade AB
RW1/RW2-Thickness: 18mm Price Php 2,675.00/sq.m.
RW White Oak-Thickness: 18mm Price Php 3,850.00/sq.m.

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Krono Original  Kronospan-Germany Price: Php 840.00/sq.m.

Prima Floor Locking System Twin Click Price Php 650.00/sq.m.

Qucik Step Hard Scape Thickness 9.5mm  Made In Belgium Price Php 2,255.00

Vertigo Floor Made In Belgium Thickness 8mm Price Php 880.00/sq.m.

Served by affiliate: Alexander Tiles Saradpon, Pagasa III, Imus, Cavite
Prices may change without prior notice.
Color/Shade may vary from photos.
Photos Courtesy of Mariwasa Siam Ceramics Phils.
for more information visit their website.

Mariwasa Alfombra Brown 40x40 P68.00

Mariwasa Altamira Beige 50x50  P 121.00

Anahaw Beige 30x30 P32.25

Anahaw Green 30x30  P 32.25

Anahaw White 30x30  P32.25

Baler 40x40  P 68.00

Bantayan Beige 40x40 P 64.75

Bantayan Grey 40x40 P64.75

Basalto Blue 20x20 P14.50

Basalto Brown 20x20 P 14.50

Basalto Green 20x20 P 14.50

Balalto Ivory 20x20 P 14.50 

Basalto Red 20x20 P 14.50

Batulao Beige 40x40 P 68.00

Batulao Red 40x40 P 68.00

Chandon Avorio 30x30 P 37.00

Chandon Grigio 30x30 P 37.00

Chandon Nero 30x30 P 37.00

Chandon Sabbia 30x30 P 37.00

Ciudad Grey 30x30 P 37.00

Ciudad White 30x30 P 37.00

Ecotec Black 30x30 P 37.00

Ecotec White 30x30 P 32.25

Eskaya Blue 30x30 P 32.25

Eskaya Green 30x30 P 32.25

Eskaya White 30x30 P 32.25

Everest Beige
30x30 P 59.50
30x60 P 108.00
60x60 P 195.00

Everest Brown
30x30 P 59.50
30x60 P 108.00
60x60 P 195.00

Fibro 30x30 P 32.25

Fibro Brown 30x30 P 32.25
Granito White 30x30 P 32.25

Habi White 20x20 P 14.50

Habi Green 20x20 P 14.50

Habi Lavender 30x30 P 14.50

Habi Pink 20x20 P 14.50

Habi White 20x20 P 14.50

Hacienda Blue
30x30 P 37.00
40x40 P 68.00

Hacienda Ocher
30x30 P 37.00
40x40 P 68.00

Hacienda Red
30x30 P 37.00
40x40 P 68.00

Hebron Beige 30x30 

Hebron Green 30x30

Jamaica Cream
30x30 P 59.50
30x60 P 108.00
60x60 P 195.00

Jamaica Ivory
30x30 P 59.50
30x60 P 108.00
60x60 P 195.00

Jamaica Ocher
30x30 P 59.50
30x60 P 108.00
60x60 P 195.00